¿Do you know what a vertedero is?

It’s a landfill for the household waste (rubbish) that we all produce which is estimated to be about 1.2 Kg (over 2.5lbs) per person, per day.

¿Do you know what a MACRO-VERTEDERO is?

Basically it’s a landfill on a giant scale. Over thirty acres of land devoted to the treatment, incineration and elimination of 200,000 tonnes of household waste a year . That’s the amount generated by half a million people in several administrative districts.

¿Do you know where they are planning to build one?

…. much closer than you might imagine, just 2-5 km from your house! In fact in Llanera de Ranes, but just at the point where their boundary joins that of Anna, Estubeny, Enguera and Canals and very close to L’Alcudia de crespins, Cerdà, Torrella, Sellent, Chella and Rotglá.

This MACROVERTEDERO will take the household waste from the comarcas of La Safor (Gandia, Oliva,….) La Vall d’Albaida (Ontinyent, Albaida…), La Costera (Xàtiva,…), La Canal de Navarrés and La Vall d’Ayora. In total 500,000 people.

¿Do you know what this means for us?

  • A disgusting smell that will be noticeable up to 5km from the site on a normal day and up to 10km from the site on wet or windy days.
  • Colonies of seagulls and rodents that may be come a serious hazard.
  • Contamination of our aquifers (underground water supplies) by the liquids filtering out of the rubbish.
  • Health risks associated with the by-products of incineration, especially in children, the elderly and those with respiratory problems.
  • Destruction of the landscape in the area of the dump and the surrounding area.
  • Reduction in local tourism.
  • Removal of some hunting areas.
  • More than 100 lorries daily on the road from Alcudia to Enguera, more than double that of today’s traffic level.

¿Why should I oppose the plan?

  • There are many reasons to object against the current proposal:-
  • Because other options exist for the management of waste.
  • Because you don’t want you children to grow-up in an unhealthy environment.
  • Because you don’t want you and your family’s health to be affected.
  • Because you don’t want to see flocks of seagulls squabbling over rotten scraps in your back garden.
  • Because you don’t want your water supply to become undrinkable.
  • Because we can’t just sit back and then later complain. If we don’t do something now, we will live to regret it.
  • Because we’ve seen how other areas have managed to stop these projects going ahead (Moixent, Zarra,…)

There’s still time

But we have to do something now. Send this document to all you friends in the area and tell people what’s happening. If you want more information or want to get involved in our protest, then send an email to:


We have a Facebook group at

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